James Frederick Leach

James Frederick Leach writes dark, speculative poetry, fiction & drama and he is double-plus proud of the recent book he wrote with Janice Leach titled ‘Til Death: Marriage Poems (Raw Dog Screaming Press: 2017)
squeal with delight as they open a box sent from their publisher.

JFL is a contributing editor to the website dailynightmare.com and YouTube channel which celebrates Midwest High-brow Horror.

DailyNightmare has published three volumes of “Quick Shivers” — 100-word stories based on nightmares, each bizarrely typeset.
• Volume One: 13 Quick Shivers from DailyNightmare
• Volume Two: 22 More Quick Shivers from DailyNightmare
• Volume Three: Quick Shivers about Bugs
• Volume Four: Quick Shivers from the Midwest will be released “Any Day Now. Honest”

In his spare time, JFL paints pictures of dead things, makes masks and lurid puppets, and practices the “Dark Arts” including chaos magick and a couple types of ceremonial magick. Nope, not joking. He even blogs about it a bit.

Jim’s snarky replies to Frequently Asked Questions — including his recipe for home-made mustache wax — can be found here.

JFL is a member of the Horror Writers Association and of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW)

Contact him at: jfl –at– jamesfrederickleach.com